Zombizou | Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir


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It's Miss Bustier's birthday and all her cherished students have gifts for her, except for Chloé. After being called out for it, she messes up Marinette's gift. When Marinette is privately talked by Miss Bustier in the hall, her protest makes her a target for Hawk Moth. Miss Bustier calms her down, but she ends up akumatized trying to save Marinette. She is brainwashed into the love-spreading Zombizou, whose kiss contagiously turns others into kissing zombies, and she targets Chloé. Ladybug and Cat Noir gather an evacuation at the Eiffel Tower from the kissing invasion. When Bustier is de-evilized, Chloé actually admits the fault is hers and accepts forgiveness; on the other hand, conquering true love gives Hawk Moth the hope for his wish.